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We Can Help You

Your Department works hard and it makes many sacrifices for your community and for your families. The safefety equipment that you use is a virtual and literal lifeline to you while in the line of duty. Sometimes the life of that equipment expires and it MUST be replaced. We open up those opportunities to get you much needed Funds to help make this happen with no work required of you.

  • Funds for much needed Safety Equipment

  • Community-Ed Programs

  • Raise Community Awareness

  • New Tanks

  • New Gloves

  • New Helmwnts

  • New Aspirators

  • New Boots

  • Smoke Detectors for Elderly

  • Toys for Tots

  • Flashlights

  • Workout Equipment

  • Jaws-of-Life

  • Safety Training

  • Personnel Recognition

  • Community PicNic

  • Etc,,,,,you fill in the blank

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